What's Keeping You From Starting a Business?

Creating something from nothing, acquiring that first paying customer, disrupting stagnant industries feels .. well, awesome! Being an entrepreneur isn't for most people but you can't imagine a more exciting and fulfilling way of life. This summer, a small group of experienced software developers will get their chance!

First Month, First Dollar

We push our projects to dollar #1 fast. Our target is fast to revenue, profitable startups. This goal keeps us from straying too far into the weeds and pulls us back to opportunities where web technology can disrupt quickly. Simple technologies like http and smtp are capable of flipping many industries on their head.

Revenue Based

Keep your equity, there is zero dilution. Taking equity in your business would put us in the conflicting position of needing an exit to support ourselves. Instead, we want you to build a sustainable, profitable business today and worry about capital when your business proves that it has a scaling problem.

Our fee is paid based on a percentage share of your monthly revenue and is capped so it turns off once it's paid. We only get paid if your business earns revenue. We want everyone's interests aligned. If your business fails to make revenue, we fail. Make more revenue this month, we're paid back faster. Make less revenue, we're paid back slower.

Partners Not Mentors

Mentors are required but you need experienced partners with skin in your game. We've lined up a group of hardened, experienced startup veterans who you'll have the chance to directly partner with. They'll pitch you projects and ideas, you can pitch yours and we'll then work on finding you a match with one of our startup partners.

Ordinary developers building extraordinary businesses.

We work with experienced software developers to bootstrap their own businesses. Get to your first customer, then move quickly to growing your business to the point you can work in it full time. We take no equity in your business and our model means we have 'skin in the game' and only succeed if you build a profitable business.

Starting a business is incredibly scary and risky, that’s a requirement. Risk can’t be removed but some of it can be lowered to a reasonable level. Our process lowers your personal risk by ensuring you can pay your bills while starting your business. We then work with you to grow your business and through it’s success, and revenue, pull you further into it and out of the side projects you’re using to pay your bills.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, starting your own business is incredibly hard work but it’s not complicated. Startupify is focused on providing a few select founders the guidance, motivation and connections they require to get their business profitable immediately. Beyond our core mentors, you’ll be surrounded, and working daily, with our other founders who are working hard towards the same freedom you are.

We look forward to hearing from you. Keep an eye on our blog posts as well as our email list!

Meet the Mentors

We’ve assembled a diverse team of startup veterans with real battle scars to prove their commitment to this game, enabling you to jump start your startup experience. They’ve all taken their shots at creating something out of nothing.


We operate out of ThreeFortyNine Coworking in one of Canada's most livable cities Guelph, Ontario. Guelph is located in between Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo and accessible by highway 401, vIA Rail, and Go Transit. Being a university city, sublets and short term rentals can be found but you should just move here if you don't live here already!

Send Brydon a message or phone him at 519.489.0116