What’s keeping you from starting a business?

Creating something from nothing, acquiring that first paying customer, disrupting stagnant industries feels … well, awesome! Being an entrepreneur isn’t for most people but you can’t imagine a more exciting and fulfilling way of life. This winter, a small group of experienced software developers will get their chance!

Sales First

Startupify is a sales and profit focused technology incubator intentionally built without venture capital math. We will make capital and scaling decisions after significant sales and product/market fit.

In January 2015, a selected 5 person cohort of founders. We will accelerate each of these new businesses through their first 90 days with curriculum, office space, mentors, and services such as legal, accounting, and more. Each business has the goal of $0 to $1M in year one.

Startupify takes no equity in these businesses, instead taking a portion of gross margin sales on the first $1M. The intent being for everyone involved to have ‘skin in the game’ to hit sales goals, instead of chasing the next investment.

Partners and Cofounders

Each of our founders will select a minority cofounder to build their business with. To do that, we’re lining up fifteen potential cofounders. These potential cofounders will pitch the business they’d like to see built, along with explaining why partnering with them represents an unfair advantage in building this business.

Our potential cofounders bring deep, hands-on entrepreneurial experience along with domain expertise. They will pitch an clear offer/ask in an attempt to find a match. They can ask for 5% to 40% equity for their cofounder role.

Much more coming soon…

I’m interested!


We operate out of ThreeFortyNine Coworking in Guelph, Ontario, one of Canada’s most livable cities. Guelph is located in between Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo and accessible by highway 401, vIA Rail, and Go Transit. Being a university city, sublets and short term rentals can be found but you should just move here if you don’t live here already!

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