We are creating ten technology based companies this year.

We create companies by partnering successful, experienced entrepreneurs with technical cofounders. We call our experienced entrepreneurs our veterans. We call our technical cofounders our rookies.

Founding Teams

Our veterans bring the business idea, or existing product. Beyond being a partner and mentor, they must envision how they can fund the first year of this business, in the case of success. They provide several unfair advantages like market access, domain expertise, sales channels and more.

Our rookies bring the technical chops. Along with building this business, they will build the first version of the product. Along with their strong technical talent, our rookies are nascent entrepreneurs. We believe there is a lot of entrepreneurial potential locked away in good jobs, or freelancing their lives away. We intend to Startupify as many as we can.

Sales First

We build companies we believe can earn their first dollar within 60 days and have a clear line of sight to that first $1M in revenue.

While some other incubator programs talk about being revenue and sales focused, we’ve expressed that focus in our model. We take no equity in our companies, so we have no direct interest in chasing the next investment round. To ensure a sales and revenue focus, we take a revenue share on the first $1M in revenue, then we’re gone.


If you’re ready to build a company with our team as founding partners, get in touch. We’re preparing our first five companies now.

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We operate out of ThreeFortyNine Coworking in Guelph, Ontario, one of Canada’s most livable cities. Guelph is located in between Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo and accessible by highway 401, VIA Rail, and Go Transit. Being a university city, sublets and short term rentals can be found but you should just move here if you don’t live here already!